Home of The Original "World's 1st Glass Drip Tips"

Kosmic Glass has become known for creating and designing the World's 1st Glass Drip Tips and has set the highest global standards in quality precision glass and custom work.

Around September of 2010, I, Dan "TheGlassman" Garduno was approached by an old high school friend, John Vesey of theEcig.com, to design and create the World's 1st Glass Drip Tips for 510s and 306s. It took me 2 months to develop the first prototypes to begin beta testing and reviews globally on YouTube, the ECF Forums, and more.

In March of 2012, after hearing John was threatening to sue several competitors, including a student of mine, for "copying" my designs and finding out he tried to patent them without me or my consent, I had to fire theEcig.com as a distributor of my glass drip tips.

(They are still advertising my original tips' pics for sell on their site, but are sending out low quality knock offs for the same price. Kosmic Glass has the only original World's 1st Glass Drip Tips!)

Having over 17 yrs experience as a glass artist and knowing that a handmade one-of-a-kind item cannot be patented, I decided to continue mass producing my creations and putting them out onto the global market through www.KosmicGlass.com. The World loved when I created them, and now I will continue to make more amazing glass for all 0f you vapers out there!

And that is how Kosmic Glass was created!

Thank you for all your continuous Love and Support!  It's been hard  doing this as a one man operation, so I appreciate your patience!

Gratitude and Blessings,

Dan "TheGlassman" Garduno