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We Just Created the World's 1st Glass Tip for Ce4 CLEAROMIZERS! (10/7/12)


 Available NOW for $18!  Place your orders now!

 NOW ONLY $15!!!



ALL NEW Crotchet Lanyards by AceyMay!
Now Available - $20
NOW ONLY $15!!!
For All eCig Sizes, Makes, and Models. Choose from single yarn color, or white or black yarn mixed with any color!
send us your requests to kosmicglass@gmail.com


Kosmic Glass Tanks

Kosmic Glass Tanks could possibly be the easiest tanks out there to use!  "TheGlassman" created this style of tank utilizing food grade silicone grommets instead of the bulky delrin or stainless end caps that most other tanks use.  The cartomizer slides into the grommets creating a perfect water tight seal!

To fill the Kosmic Glass Tank after it's assembled and connected to your 510 battery, just slide the top of the carto down into the tank just passed the top grommet and tilt the tank so the carto moves away from the opening. Then simply squeeze your favorite eJuice into the tank, no special bottles or syringes necessary! The silicone grommets allow the tank to be tilted for easy filling! Once it's full, just slide the top of the carto back through the top grommet to seal your fluid into the tank, attach your favorite glass drip tip, and start vaping! It's that easy!

(WARNING!  All cartomizers need to be primed with ejuice prior to vaping to avoid a burnt tasting cartomizer)


 The best way to place an order is to send an email to discuss what you'd like, and then secure order by placing payment.



*NOTE: Kosmic Glass no longer carries or offers silicone grommets for our glass tanks!  You can find them at www.HighDesertVapes.com for $4 pair.  We can still make you the best quality glass tanks available and offer custom work for you at a lesser price than theirs, but we can no longer offer our own silicone grommets at this time.  All tanks will come with free rubber grommets so you can still use the tank until you can acquire your own silicone grommets for use with more acidic e-juice such as cinnamon, banana, or other acidic flavors like Pluid. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! We will beat any and all glass prices posted up at High Desert Vapes and being that this style tank is the "TheGlassman's" very own creation, we can offer to replicate any and all tanks out on the market today! 

Thank you for sticking with the original!  Thank you for choosing KosmicGlass!



The list of tanks directly below are examples of the Kosmic Glass Tank production line which can be made and replicated for you!  



2 lengths: reg carto or xl carto

2 Widths: 22mm or 25mm (aprox 3-5ml)

(All Prices include Kosmic Glass Tank, 2 silicone grommets, and 1 cartomizer)

Add an Original Glass Drip Tip to any tank for Only $10 More!

 Custom Tips are extra but can be ordered!    Email us for details!

(There is another list of tanks below this list that has actual tanks in the pic available for sale!)

 Clear Glass Tank


Now Only $25! Was $30

w Drip Tip - $35

Cobalt Blue Tank

Now Only $30! Was $40

w Drip Tip - $40

Green Tank

Now Only $30! Was $40

w Drip Tip - $40

Custom Designed Tribals

Only $40! 

w Drip Tip - $50

Custom Lizard Tanks

Only $50!

w Drip Tip - $60

Matching Tank/DT Sets

Only $60! 

Choose up to 3-4 colors for us to swirl up!

Alien/UFO Tanks


 Images shown: Lt Blue Alien w/ Blue Eyes, UFO shaped tank, Green Alien face tank (hard to see)

Customize yours Starting at $40!

Green Alien Face Tank


Lt Blue Alien w Blue Eyes


 Custom Colored UFO w/ Alien Pilot


UFO Shaped Tank


Classic Green Alien Tank



 Green Flower Tank



Blue Dot Tank


Amber Dots on Green Tank


Glass "Wood" Tanks


$60 DT Included

Double Bubble


Available in Clear, Green, or Blue

 Triple Bubble


Available in Clear, Green, or Blue

Amber Tanks Are In!



 Amber Tanks w/Knobs


Boobie Tank






Buy These Tanks Now!

Here are a few new tanks fresh out the kiln and ready to be used!

Prices are for tank setup only. Includes glass tank, 2 grommets, and a pre-punched dual coil carto.

(A clear or cobalt glass drip tip can be added to any tank order for only $10 more!)

Amber Dots - $40



Exoctic Green Frog - $40



Blue Green Lizard - $40



Brownish Green Swirl - $40


Yellow and White Swirl - $40



Pink and White Swirl - $40



Green Frog - $40



Small 3 Flowers - $35



Small Blue Sparkle Dot - $35



Clear Triple Bubble - $40



xl Carto Cobalt Blue - $40



xl Carto Amber Double Bubble - $40




Clear Glass Tank Systems for Only $35!! (Battery not Included)


Complete e-Go Kit w/ Battery, Glass Tank/Tip Set, and charger - $60

2 eCig Kit with 2 Tank set ups for $100


 Kosmic Glass Tanks

Add an Original 510 Drip Tip to Any Tank Purchase for Only $10 More!

Clear - $25    w/Tip $35


Color (Blue, Green, Amber, Teal, Pink, Purple,) - $30 w/Tip $40

 "Custom Colored" or Special Shaping - $50 w/Tip $60


Every Glass Tank comes with 1 punched dual coil cartomizer, & 2 silicone grommets!

Add an Original Glass Drip Tip to any tank for Only $10!!!




Special Shapes and Colors for $40 and Up!

These tanks are already Sold but can be replicated!

Your Choice Only $50! (Tips are $10 extra)






 Matching Tank & Drip Tip Sets!

Clear sets - $40

Solid Cobalt Blue or Green - $50

Custom Colors (as seen above & below) - $60

All Tanks include 2 Cartos and Grommets so you can use right away!




Coming Soon!


Our Original Tank Design..... The Drip Tank!

"TheGlassman" created these under the name GardunoGlass back in March of 2012.  The 1st Drip Tank pic (top) is his original glass tank prototype created before ever seeing any other handblown glass tanks on the market. To his knowledge, only the plastic ones existed at the time.  Another glass artist might claim he invented them or knows someone else did, but "TheGlassman" never saw any of his glass until after KosmicGlass.com was launched in March 2012. After GardunoGlass posted a video on Youtube premiering this Drip Tank design on March 7, 2012, Cripskillz commented claiming he knew the person who invented them. "TheGlassman" did not steal anyone's style.  He's been making this basic shape of glass for his Journey Pipes since 1997! He just altered the sizing a little to fit the silicone grommets and cartos to make them specifically re-designed for eCig Tanks! 

Here's the Link: