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Thank you for choosing KosmicGlass!

Ordering is easy!
Just follow these 3 simple steps.

1. First, send me an email with your request to kosmicglass@gmail.com or use the form below. 

Let me know which item you are interested in, if you've seen something you like on the site, or if you'd like something custom made just for you!

2. I will reply to your email, and let you know your total and when your order will be shipped.

(There is a waiting list at this moment due to high demand. Please be patient and I'll get to your order ASAP, Thanks!)

Most Pre-made Orders and items available in pics are Shipped within 3-5 Business Days after receiving payment. 

Custom Orders can take up to 1 month to make and ship! This is due to the possibility of  not having some raw materials, supplies, or certain requested colors on hand.  I will do my best to get the exact colors you're requesting or I'll offer something else similar in it's place if I cannot find what you are looking for.

3. I will then send you an invoice and payment request, and several payment options.

I have been using VENMO lately.  US Postal Money Orders are also accepted. Other payment options are available.

After these simple steps, I'll get your glass made and shipped out to you!  It's that easy!

*NOTE: Kosmic Glass no longer carries or offers silicone grommets for our glass tanks!  You can find them at www.HighDesertVapes.com for $4 pair.  We can still make you the best quality glass tanks available and offer custom work for you at a lesser price than theirs, but we can no longer offer our own silicone grommets at this time.  All tanks will come with free rubber grommets so you can still use the tank until you can acquire your own silicone grommets for use with more acidic e-juice such as cinnamon, banana, or other acidic flavors like Pluid. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! We will beat any and all glass prices posted up at High Desert Vapes and being that this style tank is the "TheGlassman's" very own creation, we can offer to replicate any and all tanks out on the market today! 

Thank you for sticking with the original!  Thank you for choosing KosmicGlass!

Thank you for choosing KosmicGlass!