Home of The Original "World's 1st Glass Drip Tips"



 Home of the "World's 1st Glass Drip Tips"


Kosmic Glass is the home of the

Original "World's 1st Glass Drip Tips"

and other quality glass Drip Tips and Tanks!


"THANK YOU so much for supporting my art!"

Sincerely, "TheGlassman"



"TheGlassman" created and distributed the "World's 1st Glass Drip Tips" in 2010.

KosmicGlass.com was launched March 1, 2012,to offer the original "World's 1st Glass Drip Tips" and other custom glass!

Due to high demand and recent large wholesale orders, there is up to a 3 month waiting list for most orders, especially custom orders and large orders.  Orders are completed in the order that payment is received.  After making payment, please be patient and "TheGlassman" will get to your order ASAP!

 The best way to place an order is to send an email to discuss what you'd like, and then secure order by placing payment.



*NOTE: Kosmic Glass no longer carries or offers silicone grommets for our glass tanks!  You can find them at www.HighDesertVapes.com for $4 pair.  We can still make you the best quality glass tanks available and offer custom work for you at a lesser price than theirs, but we can no longer offer our own silicone grommets at this time.  All tanks will come with free rubber grommets so you can still use the tank until you can acquire your own silicone grommets for use with more acidic e-juice such as cinnamon, banana, or other acidic flavors like Pluid. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! We will beat any and all glass prices posted up at High Desert Vapes and being that this style tank is the "TheGlassman's" very own creation, we can offer to replicate any and all tanks out on the market today! 

Thank you for sticking with the original!  Thank you for choosing KosmicGlass!




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"I Specialize in Precision Glassblowing and Handcrafting 100% Handblown Collectable Glass! And I have always guaranteed my work!"

No one else in the glass eCig accessories market has more glass experience than "TheGlassman!"

"TheGlassman" has 18 years experience in glassblowing, and the first to mass produce and globally distribute the "World's 1st Glass Drip Tips" back in 2010 before all else!  



I Specialize in Custom Orders!!!


Skeleton Hand Tank  -  Elongated Amber Tank  -  Florida Gators Tank

           Tanks for Local eCig business VaporShotz                Green Day's Heart Grenade Tank

X-Box Tank


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All Glass made and sold through this site is intended as Collectable Art Glass for the Advanced Glass Connoisseur!

No Glass Items made through Kosmic Glass or it's affiliates are made for illegal use or purpose, nor should they be considered a high risk product!  Kosmic Glass sells Custom-made Art Glass.  We have no prior knowledge of the intentional use of our products by our customers.  We just customize what our customers want, and they choose to use their art glass as they please.

All items on this page are hand made one-of-a-kind pieces of hand blown art glass intended and created for adults who can legally make purchases with Paypal or other online payment options. You can only purchase from this site if you are of legal age. We will not accept purchases from anyone under 18 years of age. By purchasing items off our site you are agreeing that you are of legal age in your country/state/town. We are not responsible or liable for any loss, damages, or injuries caused either directly or indirectly by use of these products or this site. We reserve the right to change the policies or any pages of this site at any time. Sorry, All Sales Are Final!